Internship Testimonials

In 2020 the Innovation Center started our internship program. We are actively looking for more interns to partner with mentors and businesses in the Snoqualmie Valley. Reach out to us at our contact page if you would like to know more about both sides of our internship program.

Erick Hammersmark

It was very lucky that my first foray into real, productive work was at a place so enjoyable as the SnoValley Innovation Center (SVIC). Working here allowed me to pick up valuable skills for web development with WordPress, as well as my ability to work in a team and with a mentor.

Many parts have certainly been difficult, but I’m thankful for the challenge. I know that through the guidance of Mr. Walt Nelson, as well as the skills I’ve picked up, my contributions will be impactful as the new SVIC Jobs website gets ready to launch.

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as his mentor

Tom Arad

I had the pleasure of interning with Mr. Walt Nelson and the SnoValley Innovation Center for the past seven months and it was an incredible learning experience. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to develop my skills in website development using WordPress and the WP Toolset plugin.

Through this experience, I learned how to optimize websites for performance and quality control, which has helped me to develop a critical eye for detail in my work. Additionally, I gained valuable insights into the importance of data collection and database management, which will undoubtedly serve me well in my future endeavors.

Overall, I highly recommend the SnoValley Innovation Center for any aspiring entrepreneur or individual seeking to learn and grow in a supportive and challenging environment. Thank you Mr. Nelson for this amazing opportunity and for helping me to expand my skill set in such a meaningful way!

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as his mentor

Randy Halim

Interning with Mr. Walt Nelson and the SnoValley Innovation Center was an amazing experience! The tools and skills I’ve learned – from marketing on social media to boosting your presence on Google – are valuable for helping both old and new entrepreneurs get their business out to the world.

I’ve learned about website management with WordPress and the skills needed to keep a website efficient while still attracting customers. Even though my future involves computer science and cybersecurity, the experience that the SnoValley Innovation Center gave me is invaluable for anyone trying to get into the working world. Thank you so much Mr. Nelson!

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as his mentor

Kai Barnum

At SnoValley Innovation, I worked under an experienced mentor within a small, functional team. I helped produce and design several of the weekly newsletters that were sent out to local businesses in need of assistance with everyday struggles as well as businesses that are interested in introducing new innovative ideas to bring jobs to the area.

I also assisted in designing logos and banners for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to bring in a wider audience for the Innovation Center. This internship has a diverse work environment and has given me the opportunity to work alongside professional entrepreneurs as well as other interns like myself.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern at SnoValley Innovation Center and will continue to use the skills that I acquired in my short experience interning far down the road in my career.


It has been quite some time since we last spoke! I thought I would reach out and let you know that since then, I have started studying at the University of Washington and I was recently admitted to the extremely competitive Design program (20% acceptance). I just thought I would thank you for giving me a start in design with the internship at SnoValley Innovation (especially with working with logo/brand design). I'm hoping that I will find a career in design (either Product Design or UX/UI design) after finishing my degree here at UW.

All the best, Kai

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as his mentor

Liann Downs

Snoqualmie Valley Innovation Center Internship was a great experience for me! I helped edit videos, create graphics, and learn more about marketing. It was nice working with a small team of creative people who were equally interested in learning about graphic design, film, and marketing.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and for my mentor Mr. Nelson. I have learned a lot from this internship that I never would have ever thought about, and I will use this knowledge and skills I've learned in future endeavors.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as her mentor

Wasil Shahzad

The Snoqualmie Valley Innovation Center is a very resourceful institution. I had a chance to both learn and experience different aspects of media creation and marketing. Specifically, I designed Instagram posts and Youtube thumbnails.

As a whole group, me and my team interacted with different websites such as WordPress, Trello, and Canva. Overall, I had an amazing time with my peers and mentor. These times I will never forget, thank you.

Volunteer Intern working with Walt Nelson as his mentor