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We are all about bringing entreprenuers and mentors together to build thriving startups to our wonderful Snoqualmie Valley.

Innovation Design Template

About Rob Wotton President.

As a business banker, I've made it my passion to bring people together to build better businesses and a stronger community. Over five years ago, I created the Umpqua Community Room with the support of Umpqua Bank. No other bank has done anything like this.

We created a monthly program, The Business Workshop, to bring people together to share ideas. And then we created the Sno-Valley Innovation Center, a nonprofit to continue helping business start-ups and those that need to change in order to grow. There is no question that COVID-19 is forcing vast changes on businesses today.

Sno-Valley Innovation Center recognizes that we can help businesses navigate those changes, and I am very excited about the work we are doing through the BizCast Forum program. We will be able to reach communities with similar needs and providing the technical resources regardless of their location.

About Walt Nelson Vice-President.

I am a software programmer with online marketing experience using Facebook Ads, SEO & so much more. If you need help with your online presence for your business, I can help.

I love helping businesses get started or improving their processes. My business is focusing on the raw data that businesses generate & making sense of all of it. I live statistics and optimizing business workflows. Our beautiful valley is full of bright people ready to give back to the community. Come join us.

About Sally Mayo Secretary.

I have a passion for creative packaging and product development.

After my experience as Art Director with Hallmark Cards followed by Retail Graphics Manager with Gibson Greetings, I became the Director of Art & Marketing for Jeanmarie Creation’s in the gift and social expression industry. I continued providing insight and expertise as a Marketing & Creative Consultant before taking on a new role as Manager of Packaging & Labels with Eddie Bauer. I took my expertise with me when my husband and I relocated to Shanghai China where I worked with local and expat customers while managing 3 health and wellness retail stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

On returning to Seattle, I had an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do and became involved with non-profits. I was co-chair of the Snoqualmie Arts Commission and a board member of Dream Dinners Foundation. Most recent, I ran Preston Food Bank with an outstanding group of volunteers. Currently I am active board member on the SnoValley Innovation Center and ready to share my creative packaging and product development experience.

About Kevin Mayo Treasurer.

I am a strategic developer, relationship builder, and collaborative leader with over 30 years of Financial and Operational experience in public accounting, food and beverages, consumer products, heavy equipment and consulting.

Presently I bring executive leadership, strategic vision, controlling and reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and stimulating bottom line growth for future benefits to organizations of all sizes. I have a proven record leading financial restructurings and reorganizations in challenging settings. I coordinate effectively with senior management and cross functional teams for the attainment of company goals and building future leaders. I have served clients as a management Consultant and Interim CFO.

I have a passion for working with startups to mid-sized companies to help them run more efficiently and become more successful. I have also always wanted give back to the community that I live in.

About Treb Gatte.

Treb is a business intelligence expert with 24 years of experience and is CEO of Marquee Insights, a business intelligence consultancy.

Prior to becoming CEO, he worked in leadership positions at Microsoft, Starbucks, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo). He has been recognized as Data Platform MVP from Microsoft.

Treb lives in the Snoqualmie area with his wife, children and corgi and holds an MBA from Wake Forest University.

About Mike Halim.

Mike is two decades business owner in printing industry serving small and medium sized businesses locally and ship all over the United States. The experiences dealing with multi disciplinary organizations afford him the knowledge to also provide consulting (feedback) to small business owners on the best way to promote and use their budget related to marketing and promotion.

He found SVIC through Google search while trying to do personal professional development growth on running your business and through their Friday meetings decided to start another business in construction.

He gives back to the community through his volunteer work at Overlake Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol - preparing American youth in their leadership skills, STEM and emergency services. SVIC provides him the avenue to also give back to the community he lives in.

He run his businesses from Fall City, where he called home for over than 10 years with his wife and children.

About David Bosland.

David is an attorney who focuses on helping new, smaller, and growing business with intellectual property support such as trademark, copyright, licensing, etc. He also helps with personal documents such as wills and trusts. Prior to that he spent a couple decades in the tech management industry with a variety of Pacific Northwest companies.

He is very involved with the Alpental Ski Patrol as a Hill Patroller and teaches emergency medical first aid, technical rescue techniques such as chair lift evacuations and toboggan transport of injured persons. He enjoys spending time with his daughters, traveling, and learning new things.

About James Messa.

As an award-winning innovator, James has successful delivered “Industry First” Innovations in Retail, Order management, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Control and Tracking across multiple Marketplace Omni-channel environments (Amazon, FBA, eBay, Samsung, Nordstrom, HEB Grocery and Pharma). 

For over 30 years James has held both technical and operational leadership roles at Amazon, eBay and AmerisourceBergen as well as smaller startups (Takeoff, Priority Solutions-3PL). With direct experience in the areas of Product/Program/Project Management, Software Engineering/Development, Operational Excellence/Support and Innovation he has become an incredibly well-rounded individual.

Known for “Innovating” across domains from operational processes to software and hardware solutions implementing the right level of innovation to solve the problem.  

This broad experiences as developed James into collaborative enterprise executive innovator and visionary change agent. James has become an expert at crafting and presenting strategic vision/roadmaps which allows him to build a shared vision of innovation, maximizing business value and solid execution. 


James is  passionately committed to mentorship, coaching and innovation and is looking forward to the future with SVIC.

About Mark Mulder - Honorary.

An award-winning educator, researcher and innovator, Dr. Mark Mulder serves as the Dean of the School of Business at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. Professor Mulder teaches in the MBA, Master of Science in Marketing Analytics, undergraduate business and innovation studies programs.

Professor Mulder has been recognized as Professor of the year and a recipient of multiple teaching and research awards. He serves as a business and marketing consultant with local and global nonprofits and business organizations. Authoring over 30 journal and conference publications, 

Dr. Mulder is an active scholar and researcher, contributing in the areas of marketing strategy and consumer behavior. Professor Mulder has served as a president of a local chamber of commerce, as an executive board member for the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, on the board of various nonprofits, and presently serves on the board of the nation’s oldest utility cooperative.

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Our Methodology To Foster Business Startups

Here's how to get started:

Friday Meetups

The Innovation Center invites entrepreneurs to Innovation Friday Meetups from noon to 1PM, where they can meet with a panel of volunteers to present their ideas or products.

Volunteer Experts

The volunteer experts will ask clarifying questions to better understand the concept, how far into the process they are, sticking points, and conduct a SWOT analysis.

Scalable Ideas

If the idea or product is scalable, the mentors will provide some guidance and expectations for the entrepreneur to work on prior to a follow-up meeting.

Innovation Design

The entrepreneur will be expected to complete the Innovation Design Template within the first 30 to 45 days as determined by the Executive Director in consultation with SVIC mentors.

Innovation Design Template

Fostering Innovation through Educational Programs

Here's how to get started:

White Label Program

Our long-range strategy is to offer programming as a White Label program for rural Chambers of Commerce based on their membership census on an annual basis.

Production Studio

Our Community Room would become our production studio. We know there are 30 million small business owners.

Partner With Others

By going directly to Chambers, we can reach our potential market faster and offer the most remote locations a turn-key program that will help sustain membership, necessary funds to operate and reasons for new members to join with minimal effort.

Big Plans

We will also broaden the available expertise through this new medium.

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