April 2


Flying Cars in Snoqualmie Valley?

By Tad Haas

April 2, 2022

So is it just me, or are others curious and hopeful about this? Maybe it was too many Jetson cartoons or maybe it is 30+ years of getting stuck in traffic. I suppose it could be the cool factor too. What do you think?

This article does a reasonably good job of framing up both the possibilities and obstacles of flying cars. (Actually at this point, mostly oversized drones.) One of the key takeaways I think is the need to recognize the impact and potential benefit of working with or better yet helping to drive and encourage "right-sized" governance.

As entrepreneurs, our first inclination is to bash our way through the red tape or even ignore it. This is fine for a while, but if you are innovating in a regulated space it is probably better to embrace the pain and just get on with the arduous task of influencing others. Again, what do you think?

Interestingly enough, perhaps the Snoqualmie Valley could be a place to progress these flying cars. Seems like we have the space, distance, and uncrowded skies for such #innovation.

- Tad Haas

Tad Haas

About the author

Passionate technology evangelist, change agent, business builder, and Microsoft alumni. Avid cyclist, traveler, and hobby coffee roaster. Front End Of Innovation certified.

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