April 8


Know Your Credit Score

By Walt

April 8, 2023

Financial Literacy

Happy holiday weekend to all! We had a small group today and managed to cover several interesting topics. Matt joined us today as he is helping his wife with her new start-up ”Oh Pale No Tan”. Make sure you stop by. They will be located in North Bend at the discount mall off I-90.

We, ok Walt, tested AI with a few business questions from Matt which of course lead us into the conversation as to whether development should stop on AI. What are your thoughts? Then we shifted to the real topic of the day…Do You Know Your Credit Score for April Financial Month. Do you know yours? Like I mentioned, a lot of conversations in a very short time!

Also, watch the site for an announcement for a new Business Workshop coming  Wednesday May 10 from 12 noon - 1pm!

Thanks to Sally Mayo for these wonderful notes of our April 7th Innovation Friday meeting.

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I love helping businesses get started or improving their processes. My business is focusing on the raw data that businesses generate & making sense of all of it. I live statistics and optimizing business workflows.

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