September 12


The Hidden Warning Sign That You’re Fundraising Too Early

By Walt

September 12, 2020


A few years back, a venture capital conference was being hosted in a city a couple hours from my house, and it had a few opportunities for startup pitches from local entrepreneurs. At the time, I was thinking about whether I was ready to start raising another round of capital. One of my investors knew this, so he worked some connections and got me one of the pitching slots. He figured it would be a good chance for me to get on the radar of a bunch of investors at once.

Personally, I wasn’t so sure. I was looking at my growth numbers and wondering if they were too soft. At the same time, I knew opening a new funding round would suck up lots of my focus and resources, preventing me from continuing to grow the business. But, ultimately, the allure of getting in front of lots of high quality investors was too great, so I decided I was being too critical of my company’s progress. It was time to start fundraising for a new round, and I began prepping for the conference.

While I was at the event, I bumped into a fellow entrepreneur from my hometown. “Hey there!” I said when I recognized him. “I didn’t know you were pitching here, too.”

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